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MGM to Launch Casino-Themed Internet Game in June


MGM Resorts International CEO Jim Murren revealed plans by the casino company to launch an online casino-themed game by June.  Speaking at the Southern Gaming Summit earlier this month in Biloxi, Murren stated that the game will launch as a cashless site, but “it will have the possibility of converting to online cash casino applications should that be legal.”

Murren and MGM are positioning themselves to be quick out of the gate when online gambling finally arrives in the States, with a standing deal with to provide the technology to power the games.  Nevada continues to move the regulatory process forward, with an expected launch before the end of the year for real-money Internet gaming.  The race to be first is currently being battled by Nevada and New Jersey.

Murren also pointed out that the current developments are going to happen at a state-by-state level, although the company would prefer a Federal solution.  The CEO expressed frustration at the lack of progress at the national level, saying “It won’t be here likely at a federal level because the federal government is doing what they are best at – nothing at all.”

MGM is not the first out of the gate with a cashless casino game launched by a US land-based casino.  That title goes to Maryland Live, which launched a site last month.



Kenneth R Smith is a blackjack tournament expert who has appeared on nearly every televised event in that field. He is excited to see the arrival of fully regulated, taxed, and trustworthy Internet gambling in the US.

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